Do you wanna have a job for longerterm? Don’t look furder and apply now!We are looking for warehouse employees

For different customers we are looking for warehouse employees.

What are you going to do?
Collecting orders through a voicepick system. You get a headset and this tells you step by step which walk / position you have to go to and in which area the products are that you have to pack. Then you get the numbers and collect the products yourself.
You are driving an EPT. To make it easy: a sort of electric scooter, with 4 containers behind it. You will of course receive a training course during the first 10 days to learn to ride on the EPT and to learn how to work with the voicepick system. During the first few days, a trainer walks with you to explain everything.

The distribution center has a nice canteen for its staff, where you can buy soup, sandwiches and snacks. Coffee, tea, milk and fruit are free and can be taken in the breaks. You can just work in your own clothes, but Jumbo makes safety shoes available to you

Are you available to work full-time? Do you speak Dutch and / or English or Polish? Do you know how to approach and do you want to work hard for a very nice salary? Apply quickly!

When you start working as an Order picker or Warehouse Employee, you earn a very good salary, depending on your age.